Note: The information within this article is here for your convenience. The best place to get the most up-to-date information regarding your server and licensing is from the OWI Hosting Discord, available here:


Obtaining a license to operate a Squad server in the standard Server Browser list in-game is a simple process, and allows for much greater exposure of your server to the Squad community. Most servers listed in Custom Servers never get populated (a "populated" server is one that is near full capacity, 80-100 players).


How to get licensed

As an OWI partnered host, we have a unique position to be able to host fully managed and licensed Squad servers for our customers. To apply and obtain a license, follow these steps:

  1. Join the Official OWI Hosting Discord server (this step isn't required immediately, but OWI does require all gaming communities with licenses to be present on the Discord.)
  2. Fill out this license application, and select PSG Hosting as the Game Server Provider.
    1. For Squad Forums Account Name.
  3. OWI will reach out to us to confirm, then after that OWI will send a license key to the email address you specified in the application.
  4. Add the license exactly as presented to the license.cfg file in your server files in our game control panel.
  5. Restart your server, and that's it; your Squad server will now appear in the Server Browser.


Squad License Administration Guidelines

OWI holds server licensees to a high standard, and expects you to follow these guidelines at all times: 

Game Server Administration Guidelines - Google Docs


These guidelines are regularly updated, and changes are announced in the OWI Hosting Discord so be sure to visit the server frequently.


Squad Server Licensing Rules

OWI also expects licensees to read and follow this document: 

Server License Information - Google Docs


These rules are regularly updated, and changes are announced in the OWI Hosting Discord so be sure to visit the server frequently.



If you have any questions regarding the above, you can reach out to us directly by submitting a ticket or joining our Discord. PSG Hosting is operated by gaming community leaders and two former moderators of the hosting Discord, so we can generally answer most questions. Alternatively, you can also ask your question directly in the OWI Hosting Discord by reacting to this message.



Can I add my server admins to the OWI Hosting Discord so they can also ask questions and stay updated with the latest licensing, game updates, and other Squad info?

Yes, using this channel in the hosting Discord you can request to add up to 5 additional members from your community to have access to the hosting Discord. OWI will require those members be admins for your server, and channels they have access to by using this process are considered confidential.

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