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DDoS Protected

Up to 150 Gbps, included free

SSD and NVMe Powered

All servers run on premium SSD or NVMe drives

Five global locations

We have five locations to suit your needs1

Powerful control panel

Manage your server with ease

SCP: Secret Laboratory

Rent nowjust $0.55/slot

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Game Servers

Check out all the game servers we offer, which come standard with powerful features.

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Virtual Servers

For when you need to run something other than a game, such as a Nodejs app, website, central database, etc.

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Dedicated Servers

Get a managed dedi for the ultimate in power, without sharing any resources with anyone else. Great for power hungry games or large communities.

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Our available games

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is our bread and butter and helps prevent your services from getting taken down by botnets and angry players, and covers all services we offer.2

Mod Support

As long as the game supports mods, so do we! Through our easy-to-use control panel, getting and using mods is a breeze.

Instant Setup

Games and virtual servers are ready to use as soon as we receive payment so you can start playing or using them ASAP!

Premium Servers

Slow mode: OFF! Our servers use only SSDs and NVMes, 1Gbps connections, and only top-notch CPUs like i9's for high performance games.

Top-Tier Support

Need help? Our fast, friendly, and knowledgeable support team is ready to assist with most anything. Open a ticket here.

Five Global Locations

We have four locations in the U.S. and one in Europe to help expand both your reach and keeping your players' pings low.
1 Not every service is available in every location. Check the service's order page for availability.
2 Except where otherwise noted, all internet-facing services we provide are covered by the maximum DDoS protection we offer at the datacenter your service is hosted in.