Game Servers

1 Gbps Connections

We only operate servers with 1 Gbps ports, so you'll never need to worry about bandwidth constraints.

Bare Metal

We don't do virtual servers here, your game server has direct access to the bare metal for the absolute best performance.

SSDs Only

No slow spinning drives here. Game servers are only hosted on fast, reliable SSDs.

DDoS Mitigation

Each of our servers are protected by best-in-class DDoS mitigation technologies from between 40 Gbps up to 100Gbps.

Over 99% Uptime

Our servers are extremely reliable so that your game server is always online for your players and we regularly maintain them to keep peak performance.

RCON Control

On games that support it, use RCON tools to control your server externally.

File Manager
File Editor
File Editor
Advanced Scheduler
File Editor
Plugin Manager    *Supported games
File Editor
Audit Log
File Editor

    Powerful Control Panel

    Our game control panel lets you have full control over your game server and easily manage files, access the console, and more.