Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

  1. Powerful, easy to use control panel.
  2. DDoS Protection Included.
  3. Instant deployment.
  4. Over a dozen OSes to choose from, plus you can provide your own.

Build your server in less than 60 seconds


    Multiple Sizes

    Choose from several different size VMs for one that fits your exact needs.

    Instant Deployment

    You'll be up and running faster than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

    Awesome Support

    Get the same excellent and responsive level of service and support as with our other products1

    Gigabit Speeds

    All psgCloud VMs come with 1Gbps connections2, so you can be sure it's ready for anything.

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    No bandwidth limitations3 so you're free to work without worry of data usage.

    All Flash Storage

    Fast, premium SSD-based storage only ensures your VM is up to the task.

    Operating Systems

    1. Image

      Windows Server 2022

    2. Image

      Windows Server 2019

    3. Image

      Ubuntu Server 22.04

    4. Image

      Ubuntu Server 20.04

    5. Image

      Ubuntu Server 18.04

    6. Image

      CentOS Stream 9

    7. Image

      CentOS Stream 8

    8. Image

      CentOS 7

    9. Image


    10. Image

      Alpine Linux

    11. Image

      Arch Linux

    12. Image

      Cloud Linux

    13. Image


    14. Image


    15. Image


    16. Image

      Oracle Linux

    17. Image

      Rocky Linux

    18. Image

      openSUSE Leap

    19. Image

      Custom ISO Upload

      via url

    Get your fast, DDoS protected VM today!

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    Legal mumbo-jumbo for transparency's sake - and because our lawyers said so

    1 Some advanced troubleshooting and support requests may require an additional fee - we will check with you to ensure this isn't a problem beforehand.

    2 Each psgCloud VM instance is limited to 1Gbps burst and subject to our Fair Use policy. Each physical host has multiple 1Gbps connections to sustain full line speed for several VMs at any given time.

    3 psgCloud does not currently limit the use of bandwidth for a given VM instance, but bandwidth usage is subject to our Fair Use policy.

    Some Operating Systems may require a separate license to legally operate. PSG Hosting is not liable for unlicensed use of digital content and will immediately comply with lawful requests for removal. Windows Server requires you either bring your own license or rent one from PSG Hosting for an additional fee. Currently, Windows licenses are provided to you at our acquisition cost; we don't make a cent.

    All logos and operating system names are trademark their respective owners. Windows Server and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Ubuntu is a trademark of Canonical Ltd.